Raspberry Pi - I

Using a raspberry pi 3 or later, you will also make use of Node-Red flow diagrams and the modbus protocol to talk with either a simulator or real equipment. Node Red & Modbus TCP/IP will be learnt from scratch to a working example.

Please Note: You will need to purchase a raspberry pi 3B+ or later, or, setup a virtual machine with the Raspbian OS.

Hi, I’m your trainer for this course.

I started with MODBUS comms using RS232 in the late 1980's and interfaced many devices to DCS, PLC and other peripherals. Later this was extended over radio communications and ethernet and I designed and developed a PicAxe M20 which had MODBUS internal for serial communications with 1 AI, 1 AO, 1 DI and 1 DO.

This has now moved me into doing things with the Raspberry Pi and I hope you learn and love what can be done with it.

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